25 dic 2008

drop concept shop

Drop concept-shop idea born in Neaples,
to satisfy the request of a young target that wants to follow next fashion trend.
It wants to use some famous brand, that assured its the consumers request,
some experimental and innovative lines,colorfull and handmade, inspired to the electro-streetswear, and some restyling vintage clothes.
Personal articles, with a definited style and a styling research.
Electric space of comunication, where the ispiration of designers,graphics,creatives and artists people take form.
Temporaries emergents brands follow one and other like limited editions, playing on curiosity of limitation.
The shop appears like an aesthetic place of experimental entertainment,active center and hub of new look and mode.
Centre of art and music meeting, where stylist work like personal shopper,
buying what the customer request.
The essentiality of total white contrast with hot coloured blob,
minimalism and design,light using to emphasize the object exposed,
private comfort in an public space.
For specially events, the concept-shop,became a pop-up,
that count on the underground tam tam, starting by public relators.

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